Staying Safe in These Trying Times

     Firstly, let me start by saying we are so grateful for all of our customers who have stuck with us through the last few months. We know for many it is a scary time but we have appreciated the support everyone has shown us. We are here to serve you, and want to make your shopping experience in the Cornerstone Shop as comfortable and as CLEAN as we can! So without further ado, let’s jump in and take a closer look at all the ways we are keeping you safe!


A Multitude of Masks

     Recently I’ve found myself complimenting people when they have a cute mask on. At first it felt strange to compliment someone on their face covering before their shoes, but now it feels like second nature. With so many options for face masks these days, we have never ending possibilities for masks that match our style and showcase our individuality. Here at Cornerstone, we want to give you multiple options so you can feel accessorized by your mask instead of trapped behind it! Our staff wear masks all day in the store, so we have become experts in finding the perfect match. Here are some of their picks! 

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Pictured above, left to right: Lexi, Liz, Ann, Maribeth, Kelsey

Move over shoes…there’s a new accessory in town!  (hint: it’s masks)


The Handy Dandy Hy-Genie

     We are all being extra cautious now about touching commonly touched surfaces in public places (elevator buttons, keypads, door handles, touch screens, etc.), so wouldn’t it be cool if there was a device we could carry on our key chain that would take that extra worry away? Way ahead of you! We have just introduced the Hy-Genie to the Cornerstone community.


     This little tool allows you to open doors, get to the top floor, type your PIN at the ATM, and even sign your name on a touch screen without any worry. Now, I know you’re thinking, “but won’t the germs just get on the Hy-Genie and then I’ll end up touching them anyway at some point?” Again, way ahead of you! The Hy-Genie uses copper’s natural microbial ability to KILL GERMS. I mean really, could we ask for a better product during a pandemic? 

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Meet our Best Friend – Anti-Bac Spray

     Even with our multitude of masks and the handy dandy Hy-Genie, we know there are still some serious concerns about coming out of the safety of our homes to shop. So we have added extra steps in our cleaning process to add even further layers of protection to your shopping experience. First, We are wiping down commonly touched surfaces with anti-bac spray multiple times a day. These areas include doors/door handles, registers, keypads and bathrooms. Second, we have separate pots for ‘clean pens’ and ‘used pens.’ After a person uses one of our pens, that pen get placed into the ‘used pens’ pot to be thoroughly sanitized.


     Third, we have a ‘Sanitation Station’ for any clothing items that have been tried on. Each item gets individually steamed before being put out on the floor for other customers to try on. Fourth, we have signs dotted around our store and markings on the floor at registers to remind everyone to stay at least 6 ft apart from each other.

    Finally, we require all staff members to wear masks for your protection. For the protection of our staff, we strongly encourage everyone coming into the store to wear masks. If you don’t have one, remember, we have a multitude!

     Again, thank you to every customer who has stuck with us and been so encouraging during this time. As a small business, we rely on our customers to help our store flourish and we are so grateful for everyone who has been right there with us. We are doing our best to make your shopping experience positive and safe, but we want your feedback! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make you feel more at home. 


With love, 

The Cornerstone Shop & Gallery