Fall Home Décor Trends


Whether you've started working from home, or you are simply spending more time at home in the upcoming Fall season, we all want to make our living space as cozy as possible. Here are some of our designer top tips for cozy-ing up your home! 



This is the perfect time to create the the office space of your dreams (and by dreams we mean your own "story board"!)

When designing a space to work in, you want to create an atmosphere that reflects your personality, brings you peace, and most importantly, helps you excel in your job. Here are some great tips for creating or updating your workspace:

1. Your desk should be functional for you. Think of what kind of space you'll need for a computer, printer, scanner, notebook, desk calendar, pens, documents, etc. Plan ahead so you don't end up feeling unorganized or frustrated due to lack of space. Ask us about furniture options, special orders and custom pieces for your home office.

2. Accessorize with lighting! Whether you prefer a desk or floor lamp, there are so many choices to compliment your work space or make a bold statement. Pictured here are a few of the many options we have available!

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3. Decorate your walls with art. Whether you want high energy or a calmer vibe, help set the mood for work with wall art. We offer a variety of artwork, from prints to original paintings from local and regional artists. Pictured are a few pieces available on our website. Visit or contact us for additional information and options.


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4. Framed photos bring extra joy to your workspace! Glance up from your computer and see the smiling faces of people you love, your favorite vacation spot, or the adorable face of your furry friend. 

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The Cornerstone team is here to help you create a home or room design to suit your taste and needs, whether it’s updating your workspace with furniture and accessories, ordering a special lamp or shelf unit, or even designing a brand-new home office. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us! Private shopping appointments are also available; call us at 262-248-6988 to schedule yours!