Pants! The Bottom Line!


Did you know that:

• Mary Tyler Moore was the first woman to ever wear pants
on television? That was considered quite “bold” in the 60’s.

• Until 1993, it was the unofficial rule on the floor of the US Senate that women
weren't supposed to wear pants. Oh! My!

And then!

It happened!

Women ditched their power suits!

They pulled on their trousers and wore them anywhere and everywhere!

The world of fashion had changed forever, and women were more comfortable than ever before!
And, they still are!

Especially if they shop at the Cornerstone Shop and Gallery!

Exploring Our Brands

We are women! And. We know first-hand that finding just the right pair of pants to suit your body, style and personality isn’t always easy.
Here, at the Cornerstone Shop, we work tirelessly to ensure we have what you are
looking for, and if we don’t, we will happily order it for you.
Let’s take a look at just some of our brands and styles.

Joseph Ribkoff

From a pair of Ribkoff “Essentials” to a light-weight dress pant,embellished jeans or an elegant pair of semi-sheer palazzo pants, you will reach a new level of fashion savvy whenever you are in a Joseph Ribkoff.

SIZING: Joseph Ribkoff sizes range from 4 to 22.

Ribkoff Essential Pant in black


Ribkoff Diamond Cut-Off Jeans

We love this latest two-piece ensemble from our Ribkoff Trunk Show.
It’s elegant, chic and easy to wear!


If you want to add some extra flair to a simple pair of trousers, pair them with a showy blouse, tunic or jacket . Or. Keep it simple. We can help you with that.

The woman who proudly wears Frank Lyman styles is daring, confident and
unforgettable. She wants to wear fashion that suits her lifestyle and showcases her personality.
Sizing: Frank Lyman sizes range from 2 to 22.

There will be no hiding in these beautifulFrank Lyman woven denim camo pants.

Wear these beautiful Lyman flowy mesh palazzo pants with a special occasion top. Or team it up with a warm and pretty sweater. Create your own true style.
Be yourself! If it works for you – it works!


When you wear Sympli, you will show the world who you are – with timeless
style and some edge.

Sizing: Sympli sizes range from 2 to 3X

Sympli Straight Leg Crop Pant in White

Feel the love in Liverpool denim. There is something for every shape and style.
Sizing: Liverpool sizes range from to 0 to 24W

Liverpool Wide Leg Jeans with Flare


Styles Ever After are restyled vintage patterns, fabrics and trims that feature funky, one of a kind designs. Their distressed look is real

Sizing: Styles Ever After sizes range from extra small to extra large.

• Elastic Waistbands are not Granny Pants! They work well with tight-fitting
tops to give you a seamless line.(Btw, have you seen today’s grannies?
They are hot!)
• Jeans are no longer just blue! They come in many hues!

• Fringed hems and “fancy pants”! It’s all about the base!

Today’s blog features just some of what we have here at the Cornerstone.
We truly do have something for every body.
Stop in, and our knowledgeable sales staff will give you a leg up on the latest trends
and what works for you. You will leave feeling, happy, refreshed and fabulous.
Until next time,
Oh! Wait! We must leave you with this:
Men stopped wearing skirts in the middle of the 20th Century. But, that’s a topic for another Blog!