The Year in Review

Highlights of 2020...and on to 2021

2020 was a year of "pivoting," constant change, re-evaluation of our direction, and working to continuously evolve in order to stay relevant.  Here are a few things we focused on:
  • Launch of our new web site, with the help and support of our amazing and talented high school students Lexi Sharkus, Sophia Georges and others. 

Giving Back Highlights

  • Karin works with Inspired coffee to help them navigate the Lake Geneva "waters" and helped to springboard them to successfully launch their coffee shop! The Cornerstone Shop actively supports their mission of providing training and life skills for future employment (watch for news on our upcoming new hire, Denise Luevano)


  • Many of our local not for profits rely heavily on in-person events to meet the needs of their recipients, and were also suffering due to the lack of in-person events to help generate much needed funds to support their missions. We held 2 trunk shows to raise funds for two important Lake Geneva not for profits, The William Guy Forbeck Foundation, and the Holiday Home Camp, and also contributed to many other local charities in need, he Geneva Lake Conservancy and the Environmental Education Foundation, Twin Oaks Women's shelter, the Tree House in Walworth County. Over $1500 was contributed - Thank you to all of you who participated!
  • Karin also continued board work for the Environmental Education Foundation, which funds scholarships for Geneva Lakes area students to pursue environmental betterment programs through scholarships to local students.
Cornerstone also helps support numerous other downtown businesses in many ways to continue to have a wonderful mix of thriving and vibrant businesses that continue to make our charming downtown unique and special.
  • Downtown Parking: Bruce is active in various forums as the City tries to balance the revenue needs with the needs of the city , businesses and their guests. We continue to advocate for our guests and communicate suggestions for improvements. Continue to email Bruce with your suggestions that we can pass along to our city representatives
  • Snow Removal: We continue to be actively involved in seeking solutions for an improved snow removal process, along with sidewalk access for the safety and convenience of our guests. The Business Improvement District, along with support from the Mayor and City representatives recently came up with an improved method for snow removal which enabled visitors to park unhampered and safely after the a recent 6 inches of snow.  Encouraged.

1st Quarter Highlights:

We are having a great time getting the store ready for what we expect to be a much better 2021 season.  Now that we are vaccinated, we are attending many trade shows across the country to find those perfect things for your home and all the right gifts for those important people in your life!  Look for many new additions for your home and a new and varied selection of the perfect gifts.  And the new clothing is arriving daily. Be sure and see our new arrivals blog!

Stay tuned for a variety of safety focused events coming up by watching our website including several clothing trunk shows and a downtown Wine walk.  

Finally, and we are excited to announce we developed many new shopping options - curbside, delivery, closed door shopping, face time and many more, to meet the needs of our customers during these uncertain times. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve you!