Inspiring Looks for Back to School


     Whether you’re going back to school, into college, doing online or in-person classes, this new season of life is uncharted territory for everyone. We are all in the same boat and navigating it together. I know for myself, each time a new school year came around I loved choosing new stationery, sometimes a new backpack or ID tag, and things to decorate my locker. It was something I used to set the mood for my new year. If I was organized at the beginning, I knew I’d be organized throughout. And, let’s just be honest…there is something wonderful about getting a fresh new backpack that hasn’t ever before been polluted by gum wrappers or crumbs. Here are a few new items that will get you feeling prepared to take on another year!


Backpacks/Zip ID Tags

     Like I said, who doesn’t love a new backpack? We have a variety of patterns and styles for every girl. Whether you’re more of a floral gal or a paisley fan, we have one that will send you to school in style! These backpacks are also 100% washable, which makes it easier to feel like all of your school items are clean and sanitized. You can also get matching Zip ID tags and lanyard to hold your school ID, money, mini hand sanitizer and mask!


                      Find your perfect backpack/lanyard/lunch box match here!


     There’s only one thing that might be better than a crumb-free backpack…a brand new planner that MATCHES your crumb-free backpack! If you love color coordination, you are going to LOVE these planners! Planners are the most important part of having an organized school year, so you want to make sure you get one of excellent quality so it lasts you through the whole year.


     Another important stationery item is journals, and one can go through quite a few of those in a year! When I’m picking out new notebooks, I look for a few things (because, yes, picking new stationery is practically a sport). First, I look for coordination with the rest of my back-to-school items. If my planner is blue, I look for stationary that has a hint of the same blue in it. I also love stationery with inspirational quotes, words, or nice script. Finally, I look for well-lined pages. Find all three of these things and you’ve found the jackpot of journals!



     Now that masks are a requirement for going back to school, we want you to feel comfortable and stylish! Lucky for you, we have so many awesome styles that will help you feel your best. Wearing a mask at first can feel odd and uncomfortable, but when you find a good one, you really won’t realize you’re wearing it after a while! Here are some options we carry that will ensure comfort and (yes, dare I say it!) even fashion to your school year!


P.S. We have a ton of styles in store that aren't on our web, so please come in or call the store if you are interested in more styles!
To any young person or college student reading this…
  Here at Cornerstone we want you to have an incredible school year. You have so much to offer the world, and although this year might look a bit different, we don’t want you to forget that. We hope to provide you with a few items that will help you feel fresh, excited and prepared for the year ahead. From all of us at Cornerstone, YOU’VE GOT THIS!