Family Time

In the last six months, we have all spent less time at work/school and more time at home. For most of us, this means more time with our spouses, kids, siblings, parents, and anyone else living under the same roof as you. We wanted to share a few ideas for putting your devices down and reconnecting as a family.

Whether you're board game fans, puzzle lovers, or baking fiends, we have great choices for activities that include every family member.  

Puzzles, Games & Activities

This 10-in-1 Game Set includes Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Chinese Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Dominoes, Dice, Solitaire, Cards and Poker Dice. It's the perfect set if you don't like clutter, not to mention, it makes a great table piece when you aren't using it!



How about a Dominoes set for your "domino trail" dreams? You and your kids can make an epic trail around the coffee table that you can inevitably knock over! Or you can actually play one of the multiple Dominoes games...the possibilities are endless!



This Backgammon set is an easy game to bring on the go! If you're headed on a family road trip or camping trip, pack this set for a little fun on the way.



If you're one of those families that can focus for hours at a time on a puzzle, I admire you. You'll love this gorgeous LANG puzzle. Pop on your favorite music and let each piece lead you through this challenging activity. A few items are currently sold out but we will be getting more puzzles in store and online this week!


Kathi's Cookie Chronicles is much more than a recipe book. Cookie expert Kathi Bradbury Frelk shares stories of her family and faith, as well as 40 of her favorite cookie recipes. If you love to bake, why not try a new recipe once or twice a week? Your tummies will be full of cookies and your hearts full of inspiration!


Aside from spending time together with fun games and activities, now is also a great time to add some warming "family" themed touches to your home. Small accents such as family photo frames, inspirational or funny quote signs, or even nice pillows enhance the welcoming, peaceful and loving environment or your home. Here are some of our top picks to spruce your home up with family love!

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